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Helping veterans and first responders reclaim their physical health

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Veteran’s Rehab and Performance’s programs are the only programs in Canada, developed with direct input from serving members, veterans, and first responders.

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Unlike other rehabilitation programs that are firmly structured, our programs consists of small groups (3-6) and focuses on the individual. We understand how the military mind works, and we have achieved great success by engaging the member in their own rehabilitation program. We don’t just send someone to the stationary bike for 45 minutes and call it a session. We engage them in their own training as we want them to continue to a healthy and active lifestyle once they leave our program.
“Finally a company that listens! Veterans and First Responders are unique people and they can not be expected to fit in with a Worksafe BC styled rehabilitation program. Veterans have a unique sense or pride and community, and Veterans Rehab and Performance has created a unique blend of military culture and physical fitness to inspire healing and a continued healthy lifestyle.” – Manny Mandrusiak, Business Developer at Vancouver Island Works Project

Transition Program

Physical rehab exercise

Increase your level of functional capacity in order to be able to participate in our more physical and time intensive rehab programs.

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Reactivate Program

Physical rehab exercise

Reduce disability and improve quality of life. Be an active participant in your own goal setting, spend majority of treatment time in active exposure to movement.

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Reintegrate Program

Physical rehab exercise

Learn the principles of movement and exercise. Increase mobility, strength, endurance and the ability to exercise independently.

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