A Message to Our Veterans



Though you served as part of a team, each of you left the military with unique experiences that call for individualised treatment and care – a “one size fits all” approach is not appropriate. Rehab and Performance believes that what you need is access to the most modern, evidence based physical rehabilitation to address your chronic pain and injuries.


Some of the best tools for dealing with persistent pain and physical limitation are knowledge and understanding: Why do I hurt? What affects my pain? How do I start moving again?


Therefore all of our programs include education on pain neurobiology and neuroplasticity, with graded exposure to movement and exercise. We have a physiotherapist on site to administer manual therapy to aid you in your goal of becoming more active. That translates to you having an easier time doing daily tasks, shopping, going out for walks or hikes, etc., whenever you choose.


Our programs aren’t just about reducing pain and increasing activity. When we listened to the feedback from the veterans, case managers and the psychologists that we work with, we found they were saying our programs also:


    • Create a place that is safe, where you are understood and are supported
    • Are structured, giving you a time and a place to report to, complete tasks, and have homework
    • Facilitates comradery –  working hard and sweating together, achieving something together


Our programs give a sense of community that may be missing since leaving the military. Because of that, our veterans have feedback that goes beyond moving better and feeling better.


In each session, our objective is always clear: to promote self-reliance, to empower you to be an active participant in your own rehabilitation, and to help you lead a vibrant life with as little limitation as possible.

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