Programs for Veterans and First Responders


Designed on the feedback from VAC case managers, psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists and veterans themselves, our programs and staff create a safe, controlled, and welcoming environment at an easily accessible and quiet location.

What Our Programs Consist of:

  • Education on the pain system
  • Graded physical activity
  • Graded exposure to manual therapy
  • Trauma sensitive yoga
  • Discharge planning focused to reduce disability and improve quality of life.

The majority of treatment time is spent in active exposure to movement. We also place special emphasis on reflection and goal setting. Most importantly, we provide the highest quality of care by ensuring that patients are active participants in all stages and components of their program.

Depending on the program, patients are required to be in the clinic between 2 to 5 days a week for approximately 1 to 2 hours per day, for 6 – 12 weeks. Patients are provided with adequate time to rest and reflect between sessions.

Assessments for eligibility and enrolment into these programs take place on an ongoing basis. All Veteran/RCMP are required to have medical clearance prior to entering our programs, as well as ongoing contact with their psychologist/psychiatrist through its duration.

Our programs are approved by VAC and RCMPFor entry, talk to your case manager, psychologist, psychiatrist, occupational therapist or GP/MO about participating in our programs. If you are a veteran and you do not have a case manager you can advocate to be temporarily case managed for the duration of the program. To access the programs with a temporary case manager, participants need a referral from both a psychologist or psychiatrist and a GP.  


Transition Program

This program has been specially designed to improve the function of those whose mental and/or physical state causes them to struggle with leaving home or participating in an intensive program. The overall goal of this stage is to be able to progress into a program with higher levels of participation and physical demand.



Reactivate Program

We understand that there is a strong connection with physical and mental health with military members and veterans. Right from basic training these two pillars are part of a solid foundation for success. When an injury occurs, the foundation begins to crack. Reactivate provides capacity building with injured individuals and gives them coping skills for a continued healthy lifestyle



Reintegrate Program

It has been our experience that most people referred to us are fitter than they think they are. It is our job to create a program for them that stimulates the physical body and the spirit. Essentially, we want to build a training program that is cumulative and builds on daily successes.


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