Reactivate Program



  • Understanding why you are in pain, what affects your pain and how to get active again
  • Learn to re-conceptualize pain and reduce pain-related activity
  • Become more active: increase mobility, strength, endurance
  • Learn the principles of all movement to be able to exercise independently
  • Manage and rehabilitate existing injuries and pain
  • Increase socialization, confidence, self-esteem and comradery

Brief Description of Program

The research is clear: when you understand your pain, you hurt less. The reactivation program is our intensive 12-week program designed to help you do just that. During ninety minutes, we help you understand your body and answer questions like, “Why does it still hurt?” “Will this ever get better?” and “How can I be more active when it hurts every time I try to exercise?” We will show you how to move safely again, and how to know if it is the right time to move to the next level. This is called graded exposure.


Graduates from our Reactivation program notice many other benefits as you will see below (and on our testimonies page) and you will no doubt experience the same.




  • 90- minute sessions
  • 5 days a week
  • 12 weeks
  • Small Group

What is involved:

Our team is really concerned about one thing- what goals are meaningful to you? In a few sessions, we take the time to listen to your story, about how your pain is affecting you day to day and what goals you would like to aim for. Whatever it is you would like to be able to do again, or perhaps it is something new that you have never done before, those things are what we focus on. Whether you need some massage or some other hands on work, our rehabilitation team will combine those skills with exercise and education material to help you move towards those goals.

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