Reintegrate Program



  • Become more active: increase mobility, strength, endurance
  • Learn the principles of all movement to be able to exercise independently
  • Increase socialization, confidence, self-esteem and comradery
  • Manage and rehabilitate existing injuries and pain


Brief Description of Program

The overarching goal of the work we do at Rehab and Performance is to restore confidence and autonomy to our veterans and first responders. These come through a renewed ability to move not only without fear of re-injury, but also through reaching milestones in the goals they have set in whatever program they are in. Those who who successfully navigate the Reactivation Program enter into the Reintegration program looking to consolidate what they have learned.

Weight lifting for physical rehab

What is involved:

In a 12 week span, we meet and train, giving you the opportunity to put into practice the skills you have learned. It is a great chance to begin to explore movement independently, but still have access to all our resources so that any questions that come up can be answered. The clinical rehabilitation team continues its work, helping to develop a set of good movement patterns not limited by pain so that by the end of the program, you can go out on your own. In the one hour sessions, whether in groups (at most 4 participants) or one-on-one encounters you can expect to build a base strength, endurance and even power for whatever goals you have.


  • 12 Weeks
  • 3x per week
  • 60 minute sessions
  • 1-2 Physical therapy sessions per week for physiotherapy and/or massage therapy treatments
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