Transition Program



  • Understanding why you are in pain, what affects your pain and how to get active again
  • Build a positive relationship with movement
  • Develop the capacity to enter into a more intensive program

Brief Description of Program

This program has been specifically designed to allow those who are unsure, anxious or otherwise unable to participate in the more intensive programs to get started on their own journey. Compared to our more advanced Reactivation and Reintegration programs, the Transition program runs for only 6 weeks. Patients have two 60-minute sessions with our multidisciplinary team composed of Kinesiology and Physiotherapy.


What is involved:

The main focus in this program is to break the barriers to movement. We do this by introducing the concepts of pain biology. Understanding what hurts, why it hurts and most importantly what you can do about it is the first step to regaining some pain-free moments. Combine these with improved movement patterns through the work of our full physical therapy team, the transition program is designed to ease anxiety around pain that comes with movement and with that, opens the door to be able to participate in our more intensive programs.


  • 1 hour sessions
  • 2x per week
  • 6 Weeks
  • Small group/one-on-one
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