“During the first half of this phase, I find myself in less pain and being able to move more freely. Learning about the pain and its origin seem to help me cope and better understand my body. I highly recommend this to anyone with any type of pain (physical). 5 times a week was a bit challenging for myself as I have many mental injuries. If my progress continues at set pace I strongly believe I’ll be back in the gym enjoying my workouts. The staff here are extremely knowledgeable and super patient, they always make me feel comfortable and take the time to explain all the necessary details that most wouldn’t know. This program is very beneficial for Veterans like myself.”

-Leroy, 47

“I have currently completed half of the 12 week program.

I feel stronger overall, particularly in my core as we are learning proper technique and therefore reducing the risk of injury and allowing me to push harder while being safe about it. My cardio has also increased considerably during this program as I am better learning to control my breathing and ensuring that I am focussed on posture and technique.

This program is significantly helping me with my confidence in several ways. First, I am more confident in my ability to create a PT program for myself that I am able to do either at home or at a gym. Secondly, I feel better about myself as I am stronger, and have lost some excess insulation over the course of this program. Additionally, I feel better able to engage in outdoor activities with my friends and family as I am more confident that I will not be a burden on those who accompany me, I am able to pull my weight.

In addition to the physical and psycho-social benefits that this program brings, I am also finding that I am able to accomplish more tasks around the house as I do not fatigue as easily, I am able to do additional tasks such as climb a ladder while carrying objects, and have a wider range of motion which allows me to get objects from low or high.

I am also finding that I am sleeping better because I am expending a lot of additional energy.

Overall, I am very pleased with this program, I find myself generally happier, I am better able to deal with everyday stressors and find that I am less likely to put of tasks that I would have otherwise due to fatigue.”

-Adam, 48

“Since starting the program, I feel like I have gotten stronger and more confident in my abilities to do tasks assigned. I feel my pain levels, for the most part, are lower even though the chronic nature has not changed. I truly feel I have made marked improvements since the start.”

-Sean, 48

“My experience with the veterans only program is a good one. We, as veterans are not an easy bunch to relate to so I found it a very effective way to help the injured vet.

The exercise rehab program is designed specifically to help us improve our fitness level and mental wellbeing. I find it helpful to me personally as it is getting me out of the house doing something positive for myself which helps me in my other relationships at home. The staff is the key to the program’s success.”

-Frank, 57

“I was cautious about the training, thinking that it would not be “Veteran Proof”. My concerns were quickly allayed by the focus placed on the Veteran themselves to achieve their own personal goals as opposed to “generic” goals. The structure is fluid in that it’s something that’s developed by both the Veteran and Trainer. There’s time provided for healthy dialogue. Content is specific to the Veteran. Each clients need regarding content is of the highest priority to the Trainers. Staff were constantly motivated and relayed that to me every day. They strive to and are accepting of the Veterans and their drivers and goals.

If you’re expecting it to be a “cake walk” you’re not yet ready to train. If you go in there “Mission Focused” and are willing to put in the effort you will be both rewarded and confident in the results.

So, my advice is that with the Rehab and Performance team you’re in good hands.

Easy, nope, but who would want that. Hold yourself to account Veterans. Claim back, what you’ve “lost” Remember it’s you who has to “find” the focus. The Trainers will have your 6.

My final thoughts are this: “When I know what I am, I become what I might be” – Sun Tsu

Cindy, 56

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